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CARLETON AUSTRALIA is a leading supplier of consulting services and associated software products for the development of data warehousing solutions to underpin the decision support requirements of organisations in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

In today's intensely competitive business environment, organisations are actively seeking new ways to gain competitive advantage. One way is to make more effective use of one of the key assets of the organisation - its data. Most organisations do not suffer from lack of data. On the contrary, there is typically a huge amount of data which exists primarily to support the operational processing systems of the organisation. However, past attempts to make use of this data resource for business decision support have been, by and large, unsuccessful.

The challenge, therefore, is to turn this sea of data into useful information thereby facilitating informed business decision-making. By transforming operational data into informational data and providing an integrated, accurate and reliable repository of business information the data warehouse is rapidly becoming the architecture of choice for effective business decision support in the 1990's and onwards into the 21st century.

Data warehouses are individually architected, designed and constructed to meet the unique requirements of each and every organisation and there is a large number and variety of technologies, designs and techniques which can be employed. The issue is to choose an architecture and associated technology which most closely and economically matches the specific business information requirements of the organisation.

Through the expertise and experience of its consulting resources and the quality and relevance of its software products, CARLETON AUSTRALIA can help organisations ensure a successful and cost effective data warehouse solution.

The Data Warehousing Institute of Washington DC - Charter Member
International Data Warehousing Association, Boston - Member


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Enabling superior business decisions


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