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MetaSuite Framework





An introduction to a

data warehouse architecture



This is Carleton’s 4-layered framework approach to Data Warehousing. Utilising this framework will ensure a successful implementation of a Data Warehouse or Data Mart initiative. This is a solution that responds to the dynamically changing world of business today and provides answers to most of the challenges that lie ahead of such an endeavour.

A 4 layered framework

As detailed in Figure 1, there are 4 layers with the following functions on the corporate data and metadata:


Figure 1: A 4 layered framework



To support this framework, MetaSuite is fundamental in order to obtain consistent, high performing and fast results. MetaSuite fulfils the role of data warehouse generation, maintenance and data management tool and supports all the required production of data containers from any source to any target. Metasuite guarantees the fastest ROI for your data warehousing initiatives.



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