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Enabling superior business decisions

Proof of Concept




Carleton Australia
Business Intelligence


Enabling superior business decisions

data 8 information 8 knowledge 8 wisdom


Valuable information is currently locked away in many data sources throughout your enterprise. Once available, this information can increase the timeliness and quality of your

business decisions. Carleton's products and services enable you to use your data to become more effective, more competitive, more efficient and more profitable.

Carleton’s Proof-of-Concept will demonstrate the value of web-enabled analytical applications to your organization. Your team benefits from a fast-paced proof-of-concept focused on your most strategic business issues, guided by our expert advice,

The Carleton Proof-of-Concept is typically an 6 week engagement based upon Carleton’s proven methodology for building business intelligence applications. Using your data to address your business issues, we quickly prove how Carleton applications will benefit your company, and build a solid foundation for future development.


bulletSample reports design.
bulletData mappings and transformations.
bulletPopulated data mart.
bulletWeb-enabled reports and analytics.
bulletDemonstration and presentation.
bullet"Where to from here" document.


bulletInterview business analysts and prepare requirements
bulletAnalyse source data.
bulletDimensional design of the data.
bulletExtract, transform and load data.
bulletDevelop application reports and analytics.
bulletPresent demonstration to executives and business analysts.
bulletPrescribe next steps.


bulletLocation: Client site


bulletDuration: 30 days

Week 1

bulletKick-off meeting
bulletSoftware installation and configuration
bulletConnectivity to data sources
bulletBusiness interviews

Week 2

bulletBusiness interviews
bulletAnalysis and design
bulletData cleansing
bulletData extraction

Week 3

bulletData cleansing
bulletData extraction
bulletData mart population
bulletReporting and analysis development
bulletBusiness and technical design

Week 4

bulletData extraction
bulletReporting and analysis development
bulletData mart population
bulletBusiness and technical design

Week 5

bulletWeb deployment
bulletEnvironment tuning
bulletFinalize business and technical design

Week 6

bulletPresentation and demonstration
bulletSummary and next steps discussion


Where To From Here?

Carleton delivers successful business intelligence solutions for our clients.

Contact Carleton Australia and leverage our experience to ensure superior
business decisions resulting in maximum benefit for your enterprise.

Carleton Australia Pty Ltd
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Lindfield NSW 2070
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