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"In Time Of Profound Change, The Learners Inherit The Earth, While The Learned Find Themselves Beautifully Equipped To Deal With A World That No Longer Exists."

"Exploiting the informated environment means opening the information base of the organization to members at every level, assuring that each has the knowledge, skills and authority to engage with the information productively."

"The computer is merely a tool in the process...To put it in editorial terms, knowing how a typewriter works does not make you a writer. Now that knowledge is taking the place of capital as the driving force in organizations worldwide, it is all too easy to confuse data with knowledge and information technology with information."

"Knowledge resides in the user and not in the collection [of information]. It is how the user reacts to a collection of information that matters."

"Unlike capital, knowledge is most valuable when it is controlled and used by those on the front lines of the organization."

"Knowledge is information that changes something or somebody -- either by becoming grounds for actions, or by making an individual (or an institution) capable of different or more effective action."

"In a few years, we will merely need to surf the data, as opposed to mine it".

"Data already exists in your company databases. If you use the information responsibly, there will be less junk mail, and more targeted tangible benefits for the customer".

"Few organizations have recognized the implications of the quantum leap in information availability, and fewer have developed systems and processes to manage in a real-time marketplace".

"If processes are not put in place to support new customer intelligence technology, managers will feel thwarted at every turn, negating much of the potential improvement in business performance."

"The availability of customer intelligence has huge ramifications for fundamental company business processes. If those implications are not considered in the technology implementation, results could be far less than optimal".

"Key business processes in each area should be evaluated and refined based on the new capabilities prior to the technology introduction, not following (which most often occurs)."

"In general ... cost avoidance ... does not provide sufficient savings to justify the investment required ... . Rather, it is necessary to focus on the changed ways of doing business that the warehouse enables, and the benefits that accrue from them, in order to justify the implementation cost."


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